Perfect example. I hope that everyone learns this valuable lesson. Unfortunately, I learned it a little later in life, but I hope the generation after me understands their bargaining powers.

Perfect example. I hope that everyone learns this valuable lesson. Unfortunately, I learned it a little later in life, but I hope the generation after me understands their bargaining powers.

When you say that it's sometimes more about trusting oneself, it's true. I'm engaged now and every day I struggle with the realization that I don't trust myself. And as each day gets closer to "the day", I keep trying to think of a way that the day won't come. That somehow this person has been prentending. But I keep going back to understanding that I have fear and that I don't trust myself as much as I trust my partner. Everything is a risk these days, so I'm glad this article is here to remind that I have nothing to worry about. And it's certainly not wise to self-sabotage something I have that's so great. It's difficult to square the two things.

I'm not sure how old you are, but you sound like a fellow millenial. If you are, then you can relate to how devestating things have become after the 90s and how much pressure there is to just "handle it" without any moment necessary for reflection and owning your emotions. As a kid, I was definitely seen as a nuisance for being vulnerable, but as I've grown older, and my brother and older cousins have grown older, we've all realized that vulnerability is necesary for survival. Thanks for sharing this!

Thank you so much for sharing this. All of these are so important to a successful relationship. Even as I plunge into the unknown that is marriage, I appreciate that these things are so simply put. They're not convuluted and filled with "what if" or "rather than". You succinctly lay out why these five things are so important and it really gives me a soldified hope in my relationship. Thanks!

A lot of these are true and I'm so thankful that I learned them before it got too crazy. I have a community and I'm talking to people every day and I shutting my laptop at the end of my "workday". The best thing anyone can do is have a vision and defining what they want their life to look like. I learned that after working nights and weekends for fifteen years, no more. I learned that I want to travel more and have a career that enables me to do that. Thusly, I became an editor. Minimal costs and the ability to work whenever and from wherever I want. I hope everyone else is thinking about their vision before getting started with a new business.

Thanks for sharing this. I am a firm believer of separating health insurance from employers in order to allow people to move on to other jobs or paths in their life. Nobody should feel "stuck" in an amoral work environment solely on the basis of whether or not they can afford healthcare. I support M4A.

What's really important to note about this piece is just how well it speaks to so many people. Up until the last few years, I was that refrigerator guy. I kept thinking I didn't deserve something and that it was just best to keep on keeping on in misery. And then I woke up and realized that it's not worth it to keep being miserable because I let myself be. So, thanks for sharing this and reminding me something I have come to terms with in the last few year. I've decided not to be miserable anymore.

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A Question From A Friend

Random, As Always

I’d never really thought about the negative implications accompanied with using the phrase, “no homo” until a friend, who passed away in January of last year asked me randomly about it.

My best friend, who I met in the late 90s, died on January 19, 2020 due to Congenital Heart Disease and underlying conditions caused by Situs Inversus. He was twenty-six years old. I’d go over to his house every weekend for the best authentic Mexican food. His mom and dad are both excellent cooks.

As my best friend and I grew older, we drifted apart, each…

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New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday because I take the time to reflect on the previous year and take stock of everything that happened. I don’t know anyone who will say that 2020 wasn’t one of the hardest years of their life.

Millions of people worldwide died of COVID-19, massive unemployment became a new normal, Bernie Sanders was crushed again by the establishment during the Democratic Primary, the lockdowns trapped people in their homes, and Black Lives Matter was renewed with racial tensions rising across the U.S.

And of course many will say it was a mixed bag with…

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Writer & Editor, BFA Creative Writing from Full Sail University.

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