Very interesting piece here. I've never thought of life in these simple terms. It really is very hard to have all three of those things simultaneously. It's apparent that no one needs to spread themselves "too thin". I've never been one to care much about "scene", so that's the one I'm likely to be rid of.

Nail on the head, Lauren. The Democratic party's goal is to maintain relevance by undermining the efforts of the left wing of the party AS WELL AS any other 3rd party option that is comparable. Let's not forget the Democrat's efforts to squash the Green Party in multiple states during the 2020 election. The Dems have a long history of self preservating actions. If Bernie Sanders had run a write-in campaign, the whole mass of establishment media would have come for him. Let's not forget how the media worked so hard to remove Bernie from the discussion, even highlighting Biden's 3rd place fundraising "victory" over his historic fundraising. The most for any candidate ever at the time. Nail on the head. I'm following you now. Can't wait to hear more!

This is such a relatable piece. I've recently become married and all of these facts are becoming clear to me as well. Very good job showing how those interactions can happen in a deeper relationship. Funny, my husand is fluent is Spanish, but can barely speak English. And I'm fluent in both, but my Spanish sometimes doesn't come out how I like. It is much easier to find one common language and run with that. Then again, things can get lost in translation. Thanks for sharing your story. :)

This is universal for all relationships: straight or gay. You should never be expected to understand without an explanation or without someone telling you how they feel about something. This particular part is about fairness. It's so important for any relationship.

A.E. Williams

Writer & Editor, BFA Creative Writing from Full Sail University.

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