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  • Darshak Rana

    Darshak Rana

    ✦24 X Medium Top Writer ✦ Founder of Spiritual Secrets ✦ Writer. Thinker. Spiritual. Pacifist. Engineer. Reader. Chef. ✦ darshak.substack.com

  • Michael Ndubuaku

    Michael Ndubuaku

    Co-founder, UfitPay.com & MobileVTU.com

  • Kenan Kolday

    Kenan Kolday

    I help people reach their full potential as a Fortune 500 Leader, published author & life coach. Awaken the master within -https://www.kenankolday.com

  • Jamie Cohen

    Jamie Cohen

    Digital culture expert and meme scholar. Cultural and Media Studies PhD. Internet studies educator: social good, civic engagement and digital literacies

  • Katie Gee Salisbury

    Katie Gee Salisbury

    My writing and photography has appeared in The Ringer, VICE, Roads & Kingdoms, The Margins, and elsewhere. I’m currently at work on a book about Anna May Wong.

  • Anne-Marie Slaughter

    Anne-Marie Slaughter

    CEO @NewAmerica. Princeton Professor & Dean Emerita. Director of Policy Planning, U.S. State Dept 2009-11. Fmr Law Prof. Birder. Mom. Feminist & care advocate.

  • Parker Klein ✌️

    Parker Klein ✌️

    Ex-Googler, Programmer, Reader, Writer, and Creator of Twos ✌️ (www.TwosApp.com): the best place to write *things* down

  • Denis Ledoux

    Denis Ledoux

    Writing a memoir is a transformative experience. Done well, your memoir will change how you live your life. Free info, blog, ebooks at www.thememoirnetwork.com

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