I applaud you for writing about a topic that can be potentially triggering for some. Writers need to tell their truth in every way that they can without fear of someone attacking them for their opinions.

It's really hard for me as a Black person (and an editor) to justify some of the choices were have made to identify people. Personally, I prefer being called Black of African American because I have no ties to Africa and I didn't come from their. Frankly I don't like African American because it makes it seem that Africa is this small place and not the 2nd largest continent on the planet. I also dispise Asian American. I'd love to call people by their place of birth. I'm Georgian, born and raised in Georgia.

I have friends are Vietnamese and Thai and Cambodian. But they were born here and raised here. They're not really Asian American, but they are Americans who have roots from their parents who emigrated here.

I've never called them Asian. The emoji colors are cool, but I never cared about them in such a way. The yellow was probably the least offensive.

Color is not a destiny. Race IS more about culture, history, power, prosperity, and privaledge than anything else. I think you hit the nail on the head with this. Thanks for sharing.



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