It seems that this story is one that ends with bittersweet. Everyone wanted that guilty verdict, but what we all needed was an abandonment of the norms affecting the black community. You don't gloss over the fact that the girl was in the wrong, but you do point out the actions of the police and their instinct to kill rather than stall or subdue or disarm. It's a difficult place to be. I haven't looked at the facts of this shooting, but you did a good job of showing that there's something wrong when one group is policed in a completely different manner. The mass shooters are almost never killed and yes, even receive Burger King on the way to jail. Yet, a black criminal, sometimes doing a lesser evil than his white counterpart, receives the death penalty without a second guess. No matter what race a person is, a life is a life. A cop should never intend to kill a person unless they are in imminent danger. Which does happen sometimes. I wish there was an answer to all of this, but right now there doesn't seem to be one. Not even a president who looks like us could bring forth a viable solution.

Writer & Editor, BFA Creative Writing from Full Sail University.

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